The EV Courtesy Car Project

The EV Courtesy Car Project is an EECA co-funded project* from round 3 (announced January 2018) and has been rolled out during the first half of 2018.

It has involved placing EVs into automotive workshops to be used as the workshop’s courtesy car, thereby enabling the test driving of EVs by members of the public that would not normally seek, or be offered, an EV to test drive, which can be driven in their local environments, helping people see if an EV could work for them.


To see a map of participating automotive workshops, please click here:




* EECA (the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority) administers the Government’s Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund. The fund is one of a range of initiatives in the Government’s Electric Vehicles Programme, which aims to accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles in New Zealand.

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What do the Customers of the Automotive Workshops Say?

Some of the comments received from drivers of the electric courtesy cars:

“Smooth, instant power when needed”

“Surprised. I thought the cars were hybrids”

“Surprised at the pick-up it had”

“Love the zero exhaust emissions!”

“Great to drive”

“Very easy”

“No Problems”

“Getting used to the gear selection”

“Very surprised about how quiet it was”

“Enjoyed the experience”

“Has given me enough to think about one”

“Great to drive. Have to be careful with the speed!”

“Loved how smooth it was”

“Pleasantly surprised by the comfort of the seats as well as the interior space - I didn’t feel like I was in a sardine can, as I would have expected from a small car.”

“Felt like a normal car. Quick take off from traffic lights.”

“Good fun”

“Great to drive”

“Very nice car”

“Impressed with power and ease of use”

“Great experience”


“Goes real well”

“I loved having the chance to drive an electric car”

“Very nice car”

“Impressed, was more responsive than I anticipated”

“No concerns, it was a good experience”

“Love the way it drives”

“It was really nice driving this car, it was strange not to have engine noises, however was a lovely car to drive”

“An excellent experience”

“Very good experience”

“Fantastic to drive. Very impressed with the power”

“Very impressed with the general performance”

“A pleasant surprise”

“Keep it going!”

“A very well finished quiet running car”